Thursday, 29 January 2009

2 weeks on

I can't believe it was two weeks ago that we were at the hospital enduring the wait before Jake's operation. All baby related things tend to move pretty quickly and they grow and change in the blink of an eye. I now understand that 'oooo haven't you grown' isn't a cliche, it's just true. Jake is changing before my eyes which is wonderful but I also don't want to miss any of it. He rolled over for the first time earlier in the week and this morning, instead of having to put him in our bed when he was crying at 6am, we had to go into his room to check he was still there! When we went in we found him playing with his cot mobile...the aroma in the room would normally mean that he'd be in a foul mood desperate for a nappy change but he was happily playing and making cute baby noises!

The first week and a half after the op wasn't much fun and sleep was not on Jake's agenda. He would still go to bed on time without much fuss but he would wake almost hourly with the kind of apoplectic rage I usually direct at traffic wardens and people who don't indicate left when leaving a roundabout. Lots of shushing and consoling was required and, on occasion, a second feed was required to get him back into sleepy town.

Now he's back on sleeping through with just the one feed but he's more unsettled in the evening. The evening has always been our sanctuary. I get in, make stupid noises, make him laugh, bath him (sometimes), feed him and put him to bed and then Clare and I are able to enjoy a normal evening like we did before he was born. It's not too bad but we have to endure the controlled crying thing before going to settle him if he doesn't manage it himself. I always go to sleep with my fingers crossed (I actually do this!) hoping he won't be too much of a pain for Clare which will therefore mean he'll be good when it's my all night shift on Friday!

Anyway, he's hopefully over the worst of the pain now and we're reducing his meds daily. The scar is healing nicely but starting to shrink a bit so he'll look different from week to week until it settles down in a year or so.

We started weaning the other day and Jake's first attempt at baby rice went well as you can see below!

More soon.

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