Thursday 12 November 2015

Jake at 7

As ever, it's been a while but quality beats quantity; could be this blog provides neither but the lack of posts is, hopefully, an indication for any new visitors with recently diagnosed clefts, that the news is not as bad as you might think.

2008 (from May) - 44 posts
2009 - 74 posts
2010 - 19 posts
2011 - 14 posts
2012 - 6 posts
2013 - 5 posts
2014 - 5 posts
2015 - 2 posts (inc this one)

...tells its own story I think. The first 18 months were busy on here for a few reasons: firstly we were going through the motions all new parents do when they have a cleft diagnosed: scans, specialist visits, operations, checkups etc and secondly I really enjoyed writing it all down and the feedback I was getting. I also had a lot more time, what with only one child and a baby at that. You really don't appreciate how much time you wasted until your a few years into having kids. Don't let that stop you wasting it though, doing nothing is hugely underrated.

In terms of cleft news and Jake's development, the first thing to report is that he's an exceptionally happy 7 year old who's into every sport he can get involved with, a maths genius (obvs), doing well in reading (hand writing is not great though) and seems to be loving life. He is aware of his cleft and when I asked him if others notice it he told me they do and sometimes ask him why he's got a scar and he said 'I tell them it's just my lip, I was born with a hole in it and had an operation to fix it and that's why there's a scar'. Nearly broke my heart! I'm sure he'll have to deal with an arsehole or two who are less inquisitive and more shithead-like in their enquiries but which kid won't have to deal with that? Jake will be ready for it; not like me when kids were balancing briefcases on each shoulder and taking the piss out of my big ears. Honestly, children can be such tossers.

His hearing isn't great and the glue ear is back. He is going to have to have a hearing aid for at least six months. Again he's totally unfazed and is looking forward to being able to turn down crying babies! I do hope it's just six months but what will be, will be.

The big op, which will take bone from his hip to be grafted onto his gum isn't going to be until next year now and while I'm know it'll be horrendous for us, I'm sure he'll take it in his stride and just be looking forward to the presents and time off school.

So, nothing's changed since the last post really but it's important to keep posting shots for anyone worried about the 'after' photos.

Any questions, feel free to get in touch.



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