Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Brilliant - Jessica Simpson's acting shines through!

If you can watch this without clenching your bum cheeks, you're doing better than I did. Obviously a great cause but if there's an award for most fake, hammiest, fingers-down-your-throat speech, Jessica wins it hands down! A real cheese fest.

I've often said that the lord makes me want to sing! I know I shouldn't take the p&ss but purlease.

Below is a link to Operation Smile's youtube channel as they didn't provide the embed code. I don't know much about them and it might make me a traitor to the Smile Train but they're obviously doing good things. The main video on the site is about a week back in 2007 when they performed a truck load of operations with everyone pulling together. It's put together in the familiar charity video kind of way but if you leave your cynicism at the door for a moment then I suggest you watch it and see how many good people there are doing good things and in many cases, for free.


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