Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Sunday was a great day. Jake was the dream child and behaved perfectly for his baptism. He was fascinated by the vicar when she was blessing him with the holy water and not at all miffed that she messed up his hairdo. The service was just for him after the main service, which was nice, I always feel that it's a bit of a job lot when several get done at the same time. That's the advantage of a village church.

Everyone turned up on time despite a road block and diversion and it was great to see so many people dressed in their suits and looking so well. The sun shone all day long as it did on our wedding day and I think everyone had a great time. The plans were to have it indoors and we laid the 60 rounds of sandwiches, quiches, sausage rolls, canapes and bruschettas that we'd slaved over out in the dining room but got hint when the house was deserted. What was meant to be help yourself turned into a waitress service, but that's o.k, it all went. Well none of the ham and cheese went, I think a bit of pickle or tomato to add colour would have seen them go.

All the kids, twice as many as the last christening I went to, played on the lawn and we all drank beer and wine. I gave a very impromptu speech and didn't do Jake justice. I quite like a speech but only if I've had time to prepare; a raconteur, I am not. Anyway everyone had a good time and people were mostly gone by 6ish. He got some great presents, most of which will require me putting up more shelves. From silver trinkets and classic book sets to bears, framed poems, stuff spelling 'Jake' and games. Best of all no plastic! We've decided on Jake's nursery which is a Montessori place and they abhor plastic toys like I do. I was skeptical about Montessori as it's a bit pretentious going off the beaten track but having looked around and seen how happy the kids were it all makes sense. Obviously because they only use wooden toys and learning aids!

So now Jake is officially christened! Here are a few pics.

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