Friday, 29 May 2009


*yawns* we're trying something new, nothing kinky you understand, but in order to give us a chance of a lie in (yeah right) or rather a reasonable amount of sleep, we're changing things up a little.

As you're bored numb from all my lack-of-sleep entries, you'll know Jake goes to bed at 7pm after a wash and milk. This is the most consistent part of his life so far, never a whimper, he goes down without a fight every night. It's been a part of the day we cherish as it allows us to do normal stuff and gives Clare three or fours hours off.

Seeing as he's gone back to waking up at 4am every night, we've taken the measure of keeping him awake longer in the hope it'll put the same time back on at the other end. Last night was the first try and he went until 6am. Tonight is my shift (how I long for the old Friday nights) so I may very well try to keep him up until midnight!

Personally, I'd have him cry for an hour and half when he wakes up as I believe he'd quickly learn that milky time was a way off, but Clare worries about the neighbours and our sanity. It's a tricky call but everything's worth a try.

Will let you know how we get on.

We're off to visit Cosby baby boy number 2 on Sunday and are very much looking forward to it. No name as yet, but I hope to be able update the blog on that subject very soon. Today, Cosby senior?!

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