Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Smile Train delivers!

I wrote a few weeks back about the Smile Train and all the good work they do. I make a small monthly donation as the charity make a little money go a long way. Just $250 is enough for one person to have a lip or palate repair. Many charities have huge administration overheads so a large part of any donation goes towards running costs. Not so, the Smile Train. Their methodology is such that they have a tiny staff and therefore the vast majority of all money received goes towards training local doctors, nurses and surgeons so that they can carry out surgeries on a self sufficient basis.

Anyway, part of the Smile Train's promise is that they send news shortly after you start donating of someone they have helped. A couple of weeks back we got a letter from the charity detailing the story of a young boy who has now had his lip repaired. Even though he is on the other side of the world (and even further away metaphorically), I can imagine his parents had the same emotions as we did. Perhaps even more so given that until the Smile Train came along, there was no hope.

A before and after photograph was sent along with the biography which made it all the more real. I will transcribe the letter and scan the photos on another post in a day or so.

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