Friday, 22 May 2009

What Now?! - one year on

Well, actually, tomorrow is the official anniversary of this blog but the reason for it is a year old today. It's gone past very quickly and the memory of the moment the sonographer said that all wasn't quite as it should be will be with us forever. I can still remember the warm feeling I got, as if about to faint, very clearly. We've come such a long way since.

People always say that a year goes past quickly. This is true in some cases but for us, it's been while since a year went fast. The reason a year flashes by is normally when nothing major happens. The days, weeks and months all blend into one another. Major events such as a house move, a job change, a marriage, a birth etc all provide big contexts to a given year. Since 2005, I've set up, run and sold a business, moved jobs 3 times, lived at 4 addresses, planned and had a wedding, Clare's been pregnant (twice), gone through the cleft thing and had a baby. All of these events have kept us on our toes so each year that passes seems eventful enough so as not to go by without notice. The next year maybe more likely to flash past and I for one will welcome that - no more nasty surprises, major events please, just some stability and predictability!

A busy day on the blog today but there's a lot going on.

Happy Birthday to What Now?! Thanks for reading.

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