Monday, 29 June 2009

A big week

As I mentioned on Friday's blog, Clare is going back to work this week and then she's off to Spain at the weekend so times, they're a changin'. Clare returning to work means many things; more money in the family pot, diversity and a welcome break for her, me probably taking on another night shift each week and life getting back to how it was, just a little bit. It'll be like someone just unpaused our remote control. Clare can't wait for her new routine which for July and August is just two days a week and then three days a week from September. Jake starts at nursery from then and that'll be my new routine on Mondays. Clare will have to take the train to work as we now only have one car, and I'll take him and collect him at the end of the day. Promptly too as they charge around £5 every minute you're late - although they throw in the first minute for free!

Then as Jake wakes up on Saturday, Clare will be leaving for the airport, not to return until Monday evening. I was anxious about this before but now I'm really looking forward to it. This weekend was a bit of a trial run and fairly straight forward. I just need to remember to take Jake's food out of the freezer for the day - most nights sees Clare lovingly preparing all manner of organic purées for the week and freezing them in ice cube trays - he has porridge and banana for breakfast, then 5 cubes of anything from 'fruity chicken' to apricot, apple and sweet potato and a fruit purée for pudding and finally another 5 cubes followed by yoghurt for tea. He finishes the whole lot off with milk and then bed. He certainly eats well and frankly, a lot considering his size. I could easily survive on less than he eats but I suppose I've done all my growing. Well I'm not getting any taller at least.

I'm going to visit some friends and will probably spend some time in the park. Jake has a ball and although he can't stand he can kick it if I suspend him from his arms and swing him at the thing. More fun for me than him I suspect but I'm determined that he'll enjoy sport so we can enjoy it together. My dad hates football and isn't into many of the traditional sports so we never did anything like that together growing up and it's only really now that I wish we'd spent time together doing sport or any sort of activity. I always bring up the story of my last football match for the school which I'd pleaded with my dad to come and watch - he promised he'd be there but never turned up - I was gutted and I know he probably feels a bit bad about it - it was pretty lame not to come along! Anyway he was very busy trying to pay school fees and build us a nice big family home and take us on holidays etc, but having a child has taught me recently that the big, expensive stuff is nowhere near as important as the small, free stuff. The detail if you like. Kicking a ball, building a camp fire, going to a football match, going fishing, trips to the cinema, all of which are affordable financially but most of which I never did because the time was never afforded. Don't get me wrong, I had a good childhood and never wanted for anything but we should have done more as a family and spent time together and although I haven't got much money, I do have time and I'm not going to waste it. I want Jake to have special memories of the things we did together instead of making me feel bad about the stuff we didn't!

We're a bit worried about the repair as there's still a bit of food escaping from Jake's nose when he eats - not all the time and much much less than before but there is some. Clare thinks the back of the palate may have broken down but we won't know until the check up next month. Just praying we don't need to go through it all again.

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