Wednesday, 15 July 2009

3 years on

Today is our 3 year anniversary. A lot has changed in 3 years. We got married on Saturday 15th July, 2006 at St Mary the Virgin church, Headley and the reception was held at City of London Freemen's school in Ashtead. Truly it was the best day of our lives, the sun shone, the wine flowed and I'll never forget it.

Everyone gives you advice for your wedding day but the one piece of advice I'll never forget (even though I forget who gave it to us) was to step back and take it all in. It goes so fast and if you don't stop and have a look you can forget so much of it. We made several conscious efforts to stand together and just look at the crowd, take in the laughter, conversation and general merriment. I made myself take mental photographs and the one I remember most vividly was as we were walking back down the aisle. Because we were at the front, obviously, with our backs to the crowd, it wasn't until after our nuptials that we turned fully to face everyone. I remember seeing all the hats and dresses and ties and thinking what a brilliantly coloured scene it made.

Another highlight was walking into the reception to rapturous applause. Since my more exuberant youth I am not so much of a limelight seeker and Clare even less so. We worried about feeling too much of the spotlight on our wedding day. Not only did that not bother us, we were pulled towards it willingly. When you're looking your best and every single person in the room is happy to be there, happy to join in and share your day, you just can't help getting a lift from it and really taking advantage.

I even enjoyed my speech. Despite the comment about shirking the limelight I don't mind speaking in public. I used to hate it but years of presenting to clients gives you the confidence to deliver to a crowd. Plus it's a million times easier doing it to a load of friends already well into the hospitality. By the time I was toasting the best men I almost didn't want my turn to end.

The best men speech left me suitable roasted, culminating in a story which I won't go into here other than to say it involved a small French apartment, a baguette and a story I wish I'd never shared.

Most weddings see me rather the worse for wear and I'd told myself to behave, what with being so on display an all. I, for the most part, obeyed and outside the three glasses of red wine I downed prior to my speech, stayed remarkably sober all night.

Simon, our chief usher did an impromptu karaoke set with the band culminating with a brilliant rendition of Mustang Sally and even I danced all night.

I've never smiled so much in one day. In fact it was the day that I learned properly how to smile for the camera. Photos before then always showed me scowling when I thought I was smiling. When you put on a smile it feels really fake but actually looks like a smile. Crazy I know!

We were talking in bed last night about the day and how it was the best day of our lives. We felt bad that it still feels like the best day despite having been through a much bigger day in the last year. Jake's birthday was probably the most significant day, certainly the most anticipated day and easily the most emotional and important day of our lives but our wedding day will always be the best day we've spent together.

It did have a sad flipside as many of the people at the wedding were at another church the day before for the funeral of Mickey, my dad's best friend and a man who was like an uncle to me. It still makes me sad when I think about him and how someone as good as him could be taken away so young by such a horrible illness. I hope he was looking down on Clare and me that day.


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