Tuesday, 7 July 2009

An interesting weekend

I feel a bit like I've just been 12 rounds with Tyson. Actually worse than that, Jake could have Tyson, no sweat.

This is all a bit dramatic I suppose, it was only 3 days and we're both still alive but it was hard work. I think that women reading this are more likely to think 'now you know' rather than 'what's all the fuss about?'. That's because looking after a child, or rather, a baby, on your own whatever your gender is not easy for a day, let alone a weekend. Yes, Clare does it everyday but she does get some respite when I walk in and take over and then we get to spend an evening together.

I had a few plans for this weekend but for one reason or another (mainly hungover friends and yet another bout of man flu) they didn't happen, so, whilst I went out to town, the park and to show Jake his granddad's model aeroplane, I talked to remarkably few other humans. The only talking was via a series of high pitched, overly enthusiastic questions, which seem to be the only way babies get spoken to.

*high pitched*

"is that your tummy?"
"are you a clever boy?" (standard high pitched response is "yes you are, yes you are!"
"do you want some food?"
"where's your mummy?"

...repeat until insane.

I found myself most bored when indoors and wishing the weekend away and less so when I got off my arse and went out. Seems obvious but it's easier to stay in and wait for him to sleep, wake up, eat etc but time goes a lot quicker outside. So we went to the swings, played a lot, ate a lot and had a good time together.

Jake is crawling now, well army crawl, he'll be on his knees this week I predict and can pull himself up onto the furniture. I discovered this when I came back from the kitchen with a drink to see he was on his feet. Felt a bad parent, thought I'd left him in the safety of soft play items, however in the blink of an eye he was on his feet. No harm done and he'll need some knocks and bruises to toughen him up and help him learn that going face first into wooden shape sorter blocks isn't such a good move.

The crying is a pain but it gets me more frustrated when Clare's around as I know she'll be able to solve it if I can't. When you're your only option you just get on with it. That said yesterday afternoon was testing me to the limit. I had two hours to go until bedtime (when active duties were over) and he was hell-bent on screaming down the clock. He'd slept, drank milk, had his nappy changed and wasn't poorly with anything yet was screaming to the point where no noise came out of his mouth. When it's this ridiculous, the face he pulls is almost humorous but you can't sit there laughing at a screaming baby. Anyway we got through it and it was a rewarding experience. For Clare that is, she had a lovely, well deserved and overdue break.

Here's my Facebook status update from 'yesterday at 16:55' (just for you BC!)

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