Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Jake got the all clear! Perhaps I was wrong to be a pessimist after all!

Prof Haers had a good old look in Jake's mouth and is really pleased with the healing process, couldn't see any sort of abnormality or failed repair and has effectively signed us off until Spetmber 2010. We spoke about the sneezing and the food coming out of the nose but he said that as long as it was the sneeze that was propelling the food and not the lack of palate being in the way, it wasn't a problem. The fact is that he only had the operation 5 weeks ago and so things are still healing, repairing etc and therefore it is likely that his food will be irritating him a bit, hence the sneezing. It's been a while since food came out of my nose but I remember a good sneeze is what caused it.

So it seems that we're genuinely at the end of the significant part of the surgery process and the next one won't be for at least 7 years, which is very long time away.

We have to keep his teeth as clean as possible with regular (free of charge) dentist check ups which is just the same for any other kid. Also we'll be seeing more of the speech therapist starting in around 6 months time. This is another very important part of development but at least it doesn't involve a scalpel or waiting around in hospitals for days on end. Also loads of kids have speech therapy, I know of one right now who is two and hasn't spoken a word yet. He will, of course and that's what the system is there for; because we're all different and do things in our own good time.

I had Jake to myself yesterday afternoon as Clare had to work and it was good fun mucking about with him, he's becoming a real laugh. I found a spot on his shoulder blade which makes him laugh uncontrollably and exploited it to the full. He's crawling everywhere now, (although still doesn't realise how much quicker it would be on his hands and knees than dragging himself along) and I reckon he'll be walking in a couple of months. Perhaps in time for our next trip to Spain.

We're going to Spain with Sarah, Hamish and Sadie, who had her christening on Sunday and I cannot wait. It'll still be a different trip to the old holidays we had there but it's going to be nice to go a) with friends b) when the weather will be good and c) when Jake is easier to manage / transport. There'll be no sterilising, no formula, longer sleeping patterns (Sadie already sleeps until 8am) and we can all have a good laugh together.

More soon.

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