Thursday, 13 May 2010

A new blog

It's been two years since I started writing this blog and I've loved doing it. For many reasons it's been a useful exercise. I won't cover them all but by far, the comments I've received from others in the same situation have been what's made it worthwhile. I'll keep it going on this address for all things Jake and cleft related but for everything else the new place in town is I've decided to install WordPress on one of our servers as it's much better (IMHO) than Blogger in terms of choice of design and its interface.

This blog is obviously supposed to be quite specific, a niche subject and all, and of late I've felt that telling you about my kitchen and the like is moving away from the subject. Perhaps it kept things more light hearted and helped bring some context to the whole cleft episode but I'd rather keep things separate.

So nothing's really changed, I'm just diversifying my ramblings.

No one really reads the crap I write anyway!


Anonymous said...

I,really read your crap/ramblings. Please don't stop writing and keep posting photos of Jake, he's gorgeous. A few tips on how to panic calmly, whilst uttering great words of wisdom & advice would come in handy. I am shortly to become a grandmother again, this time a girl with expected cleft lip & palate, but above all else she's a baby. Thanks!

James Fernie said...

Hi Anonymous (!) - thanks for your kind words...I will keep updating the site, I's good to know someone's reading!
Good luck for the next few months...I promise that you'll see straight past the cleft the second you hold your newest grand child and she'll be beautiful regardless.
Thanks for reading,


tanyah said...

Hi again James,

I'm still reading your blog! We've got less than two months now before we meet our little man and I find I'm hardly thinking of the cleft at all. I just can't wait to meet him!

Will have to get on over to your other blog to have a read ..