Thursday 2 June 2016

Wales Velothon

I recently completed the Wales Velothon, an 86 mile cycle event through the Brecon Beacons. The hills were not fun but I managed it in just over 7 hours.

At mile 30, it started to rain, biblically, and I wanted my mum. However I kept telling myself ‘it’s all for the kids, do it for the kids’. Amazingly it stopped raining after about 20 minutes and everything dried off before ‘The Tumble’, the first of two notorious climbs. It’s a 4 mile, 8% gradient zig zag up a picturesque hill. I managed the zig but got off and pushed half way up the zag; not as hard as cycling but still knackering!

Then it was a mixture of fast downhill, gentle downhill and doable uphill until, Caerphilly mountain. MOUNTAIN. As I arrived I saw half the people cycling and half pushing; considering this was the bottom of the mountain I felt a dismount coming on and ended up pushing all the way up.

As I got to the top, I heard ‘it’s now 12kms downhill to the finish line’ and felt a wave of euphoria. Imagine my surprise then when at the bottom of the first descent we turned left and saw yet another bloody hill! So, not all downhill but knowing it was nearly done and I’d actually manage it after doubling my previous longest ride just a week before was a great feeling. Me and my co-rider crossed the finish line with an awkward fistbump slash high five desperately trying not to crash.

In all we raised £1500 for Great Ormond Street and my work donated the enclosed £250 for Smile Train. Jake was born with a cleft lip 8 years ago and the NHS did an amazing job; to think that other kids around the world don’t get the same support is heart breaking especially when it’s such a simple issue to fix. Anyway, I’m happy to have done this and also that someone, somewhere will be the beneficiary. 

Knackered on The Tumble

7:02 - roughly twice as slow as the pros. Gotta start somewhere.

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